Mares Lanyard
  • Mares Lanyard

Mares Lanyard

1-3 workdays

Mares Lanyard for safe freediving

  • Carabiner hooks made of stainless steel
  • Coated steel cable, yellow, 100cm length
  • Two rotating rings at the cable ends
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The Mares Lanyard is available in two versions. The version offered here has the steel cable fixed to the wrist strap; in my opinion, this is the better version. Alternatively, there is the version where the steel cable is fixed to the wrist strap by means of a so-called "panik hook". The idea is that if your cable gets tangled, by pulling the loop of the panik hook, you can just untie it from the wrist strap. In practice, however, the panic hook is unintentionally loosened and in the most stupid case your good piece lies somewhere deep beneath you on the bottom of the lake and you have the greatest effort to recover it.

If the cable gets tangled anywhere, you just loosen the Velcro fastener and the problem is solved. You always use the Velcro fastener when putting it on and off, the handle quickly turns into flesh and blood.

When do you actually need a lanyard? As a matter of principle, a lanyard is mandatory when the diver is no longer visible from the surface. This would always be the case in Swiss waters. In the ocean, it is often done in such a way that a lanyard is mandatory for dives of more than 20m depths. In competitions a lanyard is always mandatory. I recommend to use it the same way as with a seatbelt in the car: Always dive with a lanyard. The only exception is a dive to an object such as a platform or similar) where you might get tangled with the lanyard.

Does every diver have to have theirs or their own lanyard? Although it is possible for several divers to share a lanyard, it is difficult to pass the lanyard on after each dive. It also increases the chance that the lanyard will eventually rattle into the depths. If you dive your first few dives without your own lanyard, your dive partners will help you out. But if you dive regularly, you should buy your own. I recommend the Mares Lanyard without reservation.

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