Octopus Lanyard Black
  • Octopus Lanyard Black
  • Octopus Lanyard Made in Switzerland

Octopus Lanyard

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Octopus Lanyard: Your umbilical cord underwater. Experience maximum safety and freedom while diving with the highest quality from Switzerland.

Octopus Lanyard 100cm - Swiss quality! Made of high-quality components: super-light carabiner made of carbon-composite polymer, 100 cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable, high-quality and waterproof polyester Velcro strap.

Color: Black
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The Octopus Lanyard is an indispensable piece of equipment for every passionate freediver, combining safety, comfort and Swiss precision in one product. Developed by Pascal Berger, a world-renowned record diver, this lanyard stands for the highest quality and reliability. As a Swiss quality product, it reflects the precision and commitment for which Swiss products are known worldwide.

The Octopus Lanyard is characterised above all by its carbon carabiner. This deliberate choice of material not only makes the carabiner extremely light, but also ensures that it remains perfectly positioned behind the diver during the descent. This well thought-out positioning prevents the carabiner from interfering with or obstructing the diver, which makes for a freer and more pleasant diving experience.

The design of the Octopus Lanyard is the result of Pascal Berger's extensive experience and passion for freediving. Every detail has been carefully considered to maximise safety and ease of use. From the choice of materials to the ergonomics of the carabiner, everything about this lanyard is designed to fulfil the needs and requirements of modern freedivers.

The Octopus Lanyard (sometimes also referred to as Bodyline or Buddyline) is a Swiss product. What I like about the lanyard is that it doesn't have a panic hook, which always comes loose just when it shouldn't, but in the event of a tangle, you simply release the Velcro fastener. This is a natural movement that is stored in your muscle memory, as you practise it after every dive. The special feature of the Octopus lanyard is the carbon carabiner. This is lightweight and is behind the diver when descending on the rope: a great advantage in free immersion, as you don't have to avoid the lanyard cable with your hand.


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