Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack
  • Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack
  • Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack
  • Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack
  • Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack

Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack

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Freediving is fun, but not with wet clothes and shoes afterwards. Get your Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack now!

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Are you looking for a diving backpack that is perfect for freediving? Then the Mares Ascent Dry Backpack freediving backpack is just the thing for you. This backpack has the following specifications:

  • Volume: 75 litres
  • Size: 35 x 30 x 90 cm
  • Weight: 1.6kg

The Mares Ascent Dry Backpack freediving backpack is made from a lightweight, durable and waterproof material that protects your equipment from moisture and dirt. You can store everything you need for your freediving adventure in this backpack. You can store long freediving fins, documents and accessories in the waterproof pockets. The ergonomic shoulder straps are comfortable and allow you to carry your equipment over longer distances, for example when commuting or on a hike. The shoulder straps can also be converted into handles if you prefer to hold the rucksack in your hand. Freediving fins can be attached to the left and right of the rucksack so that they don't get in the way.

The main features of the waterproof freediving backpack Ascent Dry Backpack are:

  • Waterproof and durable rucksack: You don't have to worry about your clothes or shoes getting wet, because this rucksack is waterproof.
  • Adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps: You can adjust the shoulder straps so that they fit your body size perfectly. The shoulder straps are also padded to prevent pressure points.
  • Innovative back zip: You can easily open and close the rucksack using the zip on the back. This gives you quick access to your equipment without having to take the rucksack off.
  • Waterproof key fob: You can attach your keys to the waterproof key fob located in one of the pockets. This means you won't lose your keys and can find them at any time.
  • External document pocket: You can store your important documents, such as your ID, mobile phone or insurance card, in the external document pocket. This pocket is also waterproof and easily accessible.
  • Side fin holders: You can attach your freediving fins to the side fin holders, which are located on both sides of the rucksack. This allows you to store your fins neatly without them taking up space or getting damaged.

With a freediving backpack, you can also travel to the dive site or indoor pool by bike, motorbike or public transport. You don't need a car or trailer to transport your equipment. The freediving rucksack is also ideal for a mountain hike with freediving in a mountain lake. You can simply strap the rucksack onto your back and set off on your hike.

What I personally don't like about backpacks is that the item I'm looking for is always at the bottom. For this reason, the Mares Ascent Dry Backpack diving rucksack has a lengthwise zip to make it easy to reach things that are at the bottom of the rucksack.


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