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Explore Octopus Freediving: Swiss precision for freediving gear. Show your patriotism while freediving, dive Octopus!

Octopus Freediving is a Swiss manufacturer of freediving articles. The company was founded and is owned by Pascal Berger (AIDA VWT 131m).

Octopus Freediving, founded by Pascal Berger, an outstanding Swiss freediver, stands for precision and quality in the world of freediving. Pascal, whose passion and commitment to freediving is unrivalled, started his company with the aim of developing equipment that meets the high demands of the sport. With his deep understanding of the needs of freedivers, Pascal has created products that set new standards in terms of innovation, functionality and design.

Living in Dahab, Pascal uses his extensive experience and knowledge to design equipment that can withstand the harsh conditions underwater. Pascal's Swiss roots are reflected in the precision and high quality of every component that Octopus Freediving produces.

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