about me and my diving beginnings

About me and how I dived in the bathtub when I was a little boy with fins, goggles and snorkels. Whenever I played with my sister and their Barbie dolls, my Ken wore their scuba gear. So when I was an adult, I went scuba diving while on vacation in the Caribbean. After more than 20 years of scuba diving, I was looking for a new challenge and signed up for a freediving course. The switch to scuba diving without compressed air supply was hard for me and I only managed to meet the requirements with difficulty. After the course weekend, it was clear to me that this is not for me! After a few days, my ambition got hold of me and so I bought freediving rafts and started training. I knew right from the start: I didn't fall out of the sky as a champion and success comes only with a lot of practice.

about me and my motivation to be a Freediving Instructor

Since I lead the training in two freediving groups from time to time, I originally only wanted to do further training as a freediving instructor in order to be able to do training safely. During the course of the training, where we taught each other lessons (whereby we were instructed to make typical beginner mistakes in the role of a student), I got more and more pleasure in the training and since then I have been working as a freediving instructor on a part-time basis.

about me and my life on land

I am a computer engineer and lead information security projects for a global company. My core competencies are audit, IT risk management, networking, operating systems, data centres/cloud in a global environment. Once a year I teach economics to high school students as part of the "Wirtschaftswoche".

Besides freediving, I keep fit with MTB riding and jogging. My daily morning routine includes breathing exercises and I enjoy swimming in the ice water. I have a large seawater aquarium and live with "Cindy" and "Bandi", my two black cats, in Felben-Wellhausen in Thurgau.


taking an ice batch

at the sea


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