Discover FreediveGPT - AI for Freedivers: An AI platform specifically trained for freediving. Get expertise on techniques and much more!

I have built FreediveGPT - AI for Freedivers to provide you with comprehensive knowledge about freediving in the form of an artificial intelligence.

FreediveGPT - AI for Freedivers, represents a development in the world of artificial intelligence, custom-built on the robust platform of ChatGPT, a product of research by OpenAI. This specialised AI combines the extensive knowledge found on the internet with a deep understanding of freediving, a field that pushes both the physical and mental limits of its practitioners. FreediveGPT draws its strength from the foundation of OpenAI's Large Language Model (LLM), an advanced system based on the analysis and synthesis of billions of texts. These texts range from scientific papers to everyday conversations, enabling the LLM to generate texts with a probability similar to human language use.

The answers provided by FreediveGPT - AI for Freedivers, are characterised by a high level of readability and a semblance of depth. This quality makes FreediveGPT an appealing and informative companion for those interested in freediving, from beginners who want to learn the basics to experienced divers who want to expand their skills and knowledge. FreediveGPT covers a broad spectrum, including techniques, safety protocols, equipment recommendations and insights into the physiology of freediving.

Despite its impressive ability to respond accurately and informatively, FreediveGPT shares a common limitation with other LLMs: a tendency to occasionally "hallucinate" or make up facts. This phenomenon, known as "AI hallucination", emphasises the importance of taking a critical approach to the information generated. Users are encouraged to consider the answers provided by FreediveGPT  - the AI for freedivers, as a starting point and perform additional checks through trusted sources and research, for example using search engines such as Google.

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In a world where information is readily and widely available, FreediveGPT provides an accessible and interactive resource for freediving. The AI combines technological innovation with the fascination of the underwater world by opening a gateway to in-depth knowledge and a deeper understanding of freediving. Users are invited to use this unique platform to explore and deepen their passion for freediving, always with the awareness of recognising the limits of AI and validating their discoveries through careful research.

(this text was written with the help of FreediveGPT, translated into French, Italian and English with Deepl-Translate, an AI tool specialising in translations, and then edited by me).