Group courses: Learn Freedivings together with your friends, family or colleagues in a small group. Challenging, inspiring and lots of fun!

Freediving is a fascinating and exciting way to explore the underwater world. You dive using only your breath, your body and your mind. Freediving is not just a sport, but also a philosophy, an art and a passion. If you want to learn freediving with a group of like-minded people, you've come to the right place. I offer freediving group courses that are tailored to your needs and the wishes of your group. Group courses are possible with just 2 - 3 participants.

Freediving group courses are ideal for you if you:

  • want to do something cool with your friends. Freediving is a great activity to have fun together, gain new experiences and strengthen your friendship.
  • are planning a team building event or want to do something motivating with your colleagues or employees. Freediving is a great way to improve teamwork, communication and performance in your organisation. Freediving is a challenge that will help you grow as a team.
  • You want to offer your teenage children and their friends a unique experience. A freediving course for groups is the perfect gift for teenagers who want to try something new and exciting with their siblings or friends. They can explore the underwater world together, test their limits and create unforgettable memories. Imagine how proud the youngsters will be when they receive their PADI certification!
  • want to do something fascinating with your partner. Freediving is a wonderful way to enjoy the underwater world as a couple, promote closeness and trust and create unforgettable moments for eternity.

Freediving courses for groups are flexible, professional and exciting. You can choose from different course levels and dates to suit your schedule. You will learn in a pleasant and safe atmosphere that will motivate and inspire you. A PADI Basic Freediver course takes just one day and some individual preparation at home!

Contact me, we will discuss your wishes and I will make you a proposal!