Professionally run Freediving indoor pool training in Rheinau with Static, Dynamic, Monofin and Dynamic No-Fins. Only few places left!

During the winter months (from the beginning of November to the end of May), I offer a guided freediving pool training every Friday evening at the Aquarina indoor pool in Rheinau . This pool training includes various aspects that will prepare you for a successful freediving experience:

  • Warm-up: We prepare the body for the workout with yoga, stretching, lung stretching and coordination and balance exercises.
  • Static: Here the focus is on relaxation, MDR (Mammalian Dive Reflex) and CO2 tolerance. Exercises at the bottom of the diving pool with full and empty lungs activate and strengthen the diving reflex. They also improve the flexibility of the tissues involved in breathing and protect us from injury when diving.
  • Pressure equalisation: We train various techniques such as Valsalva, Frenzel and Mouthfill in the diving pit. We also practise the duck dive movements in the diving pool.
  • Dynamic diving (DYN): We train with stereo fins, monofins and DNF (Dynamic No-Fins) on the 25 metre course reserved for us. Silicone monofins are available and it is possible to obtain monofin pool and DNF pool speciality certifications.
  • Individual goals: At the start of the season, you set your personal goals and I support you in achieving them. We will optimise your technique, use video analyses and work on your CO2 tolerance. You will receive customised training plans so that you can also practise independently at home. During the season, we will regularly check your progress and continuously work on your performance.
  • Playful elements: Fun, enjoyment and relaxation are an integral part of training - they are the key to success!

  • Number of participants: To ensure optimum pool training, the number of participants is limited to 8 people.
  • Participation fee: The participation fee for the entire 2023/24 winter season is CHF 250 (plus admission to the indoor pool).
  • Taster sessions or occasional participation are possible by arrangement. The fee for an individual training session is CHF 20 (plus entry to the indoor pool).
  • Free places: We still have a few training places available for the 2023/24 winter season!
  • Responsibility and rules: As a participant, you are responsible for your own safety and dive within your personal limits. Please adhere to the recognised freediving rules as taught by the training associations.
  • Prerequisites: You should have either the PADI Basic Freediver, the SSI Pool Freediver, or an equivalent certificate.

We look forward to your participation and wish you a successful freediving experience!

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