In the picturesque Untersee near Steckborn I offer regular freediving open water training. The open water training takes place on Thursday evenings in the summer months from June to October. In the winter time (from November to May) I organise the open water training on Saturdays or Sundays by individual arrangement.

Our open water training starts with a warm-up on shore, where we prepare for the water with lung stretching. If you have any new gear, we'll check your buoyoncy first. At the buoy, we'll do some warm-up dives to activate the Mammalian Diving Response (MDR).

This is followed by Constant Weight (CWT) dives, where you can use either stereo fins or a mono fin. You can choose between mask and snorkel or fluid goggles and noseclip. Free Immersion (FIM) diving is also on our training schedule.

For advanced divers who have already completed the PADI Advanced Freediver course or equivalent, we often complete open water training with special drills, such as Functional Residual Volume (FRC) dives. We also regularly incorporate rescue drills to be prepared in the event of a blackout.

At the end we like to take a look under the dive platform near the shore to look out for fish.

The Freediving Free Water Training is open to all certified freedivers from PADI Freediver or equivalent. If you are certified as a PADI Basic Freediver, you can also do a your PADI Freediver Upgrade as part of the training.

I look forward to welcoming you in the crystal clear waters of the Untersee! Please contact me for details.

Steckborn Sunset

Steckborn Open Water Training