Hire a freediving instructor: Include freediving courses in your programme and also offer your customers PADI or SSI freediving courses.

What does hire a freediving instructor mean?

Do you run a dive centre and would like to offer your customers a freediving course? I teach according to PADI or SSI and am happy to offer courses in your dive centre. The courses can be conducted with your equipment or I can bring the student equipment with me.

Freediving courses for SCUBA diving shops

Do you run a diving school specialising in SCUBA diving and want to offer your customers something new and exciting? Do you want to meet the demand for freediving courses without having to train a freediving instructor yourself? Then I have the solution for you: Rent-a-Freediving-Instructor!

I offer you the option of hiring a professional and experienced freediving instructor to run the course at your premises. You don't have to worry about anything except registering and paying the participants. I will take care of the organisation, the course and the equipment for the divers. Rent-a-Freediving-Instructor is an easy way for you to tap into the freediver customer segment for your diving business.

I am certified as a freediving instructor by  PADI or SSI. I have several years of experience teaching freediving courses at various levels, from beginner to advanced. I am professional, patient and motivating and adapt to the needs and wishes of the participants.

Freediving courses are a great addition to your existing range of SCUBA diving courses. Freediving is a fascinating and challenging way to explore the underwater world using only your own breath, body and mind. Freediving promotes the diver's health, relaxation, concentration and self-confidence. Freediving is also an ideal preparation for SCUBA diving as it improves breathing technique, air consumption, pressure equalisation and buoyancy control.

Freediving courses are suitable for anyone who loves and respects the sea. They are ideal for divers who want to expand their skills, test their limits and have new experiences. They are also ideal for non-divers who are looking for an easy and natural introduction to the underwater world. Freediving courses are an attractive offer for your existing and potential customers who are enthusiastic about an exciting and sustainable way of diving.

Are you interested in Rent-a-Freediving-Instructor?

If you are interested in hiring me as a freediving instructor, please contact me. I will be happy to advise you on the various options, the costs and the dates. I look forward to a successful co-operation with you and your customers. Freediving courses for SCUBA diving schools are more than just diving. They are your path to success.