Fins for beginners to monofins for competition athletes. Specialising in freediving, I offer equipment that takes you deeper and further.


How can you recognise a freediver? As soon as you see the long, slim fins, everyone realises: this is not a SCUBA diver, but a freediver getting ready to enter the water! Freediving fins are designed for optimum performance. Maximum propulsion with minimum air consumption!


A fin on each foot is how every freediver starts their journey underwater. The gentle, continuous up and down of your legs allows you to glide effortlessly through the pool and swim your laps. A clean technique is crucial: the knees remain largely straight and the movement is from the hips. Bi-fins (also known as stereo fins) are always worn with neoprene socks to prevent chafing of the skin. Exceptions are competition fins with customised foot sections, which are worn barefoot and with shampoo as a lubricant.


With a monofin on your feet, you'll awaken the marine mammal in you, or you'll feel like a long-time skier standing on a snowboard for the first time. The movement sequence is demanding, but after a day of training and regular practice, a new world will open up to you. With just one powerful movement, the body glides almost endlessly and relaxed through the water. Buying a monofin is a matter of trust: if you are already investing money, then you not only want a monofin that looks good and fits perfectly, but also one that guides you through the water as if on rails and converts your power into propulsion without loss.

Choice of material

The variety of freediving fins is remarkable. Plastic models are inexpensive, but can be too hard, especially for beginners. A silicone fin is often a good choice to strengthen the supporting muscles in the ankle joint. Fins made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) offer very good performance and flexibility, but come at a price. The ultimate in performance is offered by carbon fibre fins (CFRP): on the feet of an experienced freediver, they unfold their full performance potential.

New or used

I regularly have fins on offer from my diving school that have been little used and are practically as good as new. Most of the fins have only been tried on or worn a few times in the pool or lake: a good opportunity to get a fin for little money!

From beginners to experienced freedivers - we have the right fin for every adventure. Immerse yourself in the boundless beauty of the underwater world!



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