CETMA Taras bifins
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  • CETMA Taras bifins
  • CETMA Taras bifins

CETMA Taras bifins


CETMA Taras bifins for freedivers who don't want to compromise and simply want the best of the best: the top-of-the-notch stereo fin from CETMA!

CETMA Taras stereo fins on the manufacturer's website

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The CETMA Taras bifins were developed for competitive athletes and freedivers who only want the best for themselves. The main feature of the CETMA Taras stereo fins is their construction, which enables optimum power transmission. The fin blades are designed to provide maximum efficiency during the dive by minimising water resistance while maximising propulsive force. This results in improved performance, allowing athletes to push their limits further.

Another important feature of the CETMA Taras bifins is the ergonomically shaped foot piece, which is made to measure. This is designed to create a firm and comfortable connection to the athlete's foot, which enables precise control of the fin. The choice of material for the foot section ensures both comfort and durability, even under extreme conditions and with intensive use.

The CETMA Taras bifins are the Lamborghini of carbon fins and also wants to be "driven" by an experienced freediver. The price of the fin alone makes it clear: this is not a fin for beginners or occasional divers. This fin gets the maximum out of your strength and endurance and would love to glide through the water every day in training and competitions.

The base is made to measure (available in white and black) and the colour of the Tarais logo on the blade can be chosen (white, dark grey, magenta or cyan). Please contact me when ordering and tell me the following:

  • Colour foot section and rails (white or black)
  • Colour Tara's logo (white, dark grey, magenta, cyan)
  • Shoe size
  • Length right foot (in mm)
  • Length left foot (in mm)
  • Width right foot (in mm)
  • Width left foot (in mm)
  • Comfortable fit (training and competition) or tight fit (competition)

Here is the video of CETMA measuring the feet: Come prendere le misure della scarpetta Taras [ cetma composites officila ]

The measurement is carried out while sitting and with the foot on the floor. The maximum width refers only to the part of the foot touching the floor.

As the fin is customised, delivery takes about 4 weeks from receipt of order and payment. The fin cannot be cancelled or exchanged.

When wearing the fin, it is recommended to remain barefoot. In colder water, a neoprene infant with the front part removed can be pulled over the feet and foot. To tighten, the feet and foot should be wet and a small amount of shampoo applied to aid tightening. To protect the toes from abrasion, a toe cap or the cut-off front of a neoprene foot can be used. Some freedivers (thanks for the tip Peter Colat!) also use plastic sandwich bags to protect their feet from friction.


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