CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin
  • CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin

CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin


CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin for top performance in training and competition: Performance paired with the elegance of an Italian sports car!

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The CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin is the ideal choice for freedivers looking for uncompromising quality in their sport. Known for its excellent performance, accurate construction and customised fit, it meets the high demands of competitive athletes and dedicated recreational freedivers.

The CETMA Taras Carbon Monofin impresses with its innovative design, which ensures excellent power transfer from the feet to the fin. Made from premium carbon fibre, the fin blade combines impressive stiffness with remarkable flexibility, resulting in effective energy transfer with every fin stroke. The result is increased thrust and therefore optimum diving performance.

A key feature of the CETMA Taras monofin is the ergonomically designed foot piece, which is customised to ensure the perfect fit. This customisation provides a secure and comfortable fit, reduces the risk of blisters and enables precise fin control underwater. When comparing prices, please note that my final price already includes the surcharge for the customised foot piece: with a fin in this price range, you don't want to compromise on the fit!

Although primarily developed for competitions, the CETMA Taras monofin is also ideal for training sessions in the pool or extended dives in the sea. It offers a wide range of personalisation options, so you can choose from a selection of colours for the foot section, side rails and logo to customise your equipment.

Please let me know when you place your order:

  • Stiffness of the blade: (1 (very soft) - 8 (very hard)
  • Colour foot section and side guides: White or black
  • Logo colour: white, dark grey, magenta or cyan
  • Length right foot (in mm)
  • Length left foot (in mm)
  • Width right foot (in mm)
  • Width left foot (in mm)
  • Comfortable fit (training and competition) or tight fit (competition)

Here is the video of CETMA measuring the feet: Come prendere le misure della scarpetta Taras [ cetma composites officila ]

The measurement is carried out while sitting and with the foot on the floor. The maximum width refers only to the part of the foot touching the floor.

As the fin is customised, delivery takes about 4 weeks from receipt of order and payment. The fin cannot be cancelled or exchanged.

It is recommended that you remain barefoot when wearing the fin. In colder water, a neoprene bootie with the front part removed can be pulled over the feet and foot section. To put them on, wet the feet and the foot section and apply a small amount of shampoo to make it easier to put them on. To protect the toes from chafing, you can use a toe cap or the cut-off front part of a neoprene bootie. Some freedivers (thanks for the tip Peter Colat!) also use plastic sandwich bags to protect their feet from chafing.

Price comparison Monofin

When starting monofin diving, the choice of the right equipment is crucial. I often have questions about cheap monofin diving - not everyone wants to dig deep at the beginning. However, my own experience shows: Cheap often buys twice!

I started with a carbon monofin for 200 CHF. With taxes and fees, I ended up with 300 CHF. But I quickly realised that pain, cramps and sores made the training unbearable. Only the switch to a high-quality monofin with custom-made foot parts brought the breakthrough. I still have this monofin, use it every week and am still very satisfied with its performance (of both of us I am the limiting factor😉)

My advice for beginners: 

  • Attend a course such as the PADI Basic Monofin Freediver course
  • Start with an affordable silicone monofin to learn the technique. You can also use it later for training if you need to share the track with swimmers in the pool or if your holiday luggage is limited.
  • When you are ready, invest in a high quality fin with custom-made foot parts, such as the CETMA Taras carbon monofin. This high quality monofin will be with you for many years, and will make you happy, just like the first day!

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