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FINIS Foil Monofin

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FINIS Foil Monofin: Perfect for learning and practicing the Monofin technique: Optimise the movement and bring your style to perfection!

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Size: XS - Extra Small - 35-37
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Diving with a monofin is a wonderful feeling: in no other discipline can you glide almost endlessly through the water like an arrow. To learn to dive with a monofin, a monofin made of glass fibre reinforced plastic or carbon fibre reinforced plastic is too big, too stiff and also too expensive.

This is where the Californian manufacturer of swimming equipment FINIS Inc. comes in. The FINIS Foil monofin is made of soft rubber that feels pleasant on the skin and is odourless. The FINIS Foil monofin is forgiving and therefore ideal for learning the correct technique for monofin freediving.

Another benefit of the FINIS Foil monofin is the improvement in leg strength and flexibility. Using the monofin in regular training sessions can help to strengthen the muscles of the lower body, including the legs, hips and core. This leads to improved propulsion and a more efficient swimming style. In addition, the fin can help to increase ankle flexibility, which is crucial for freedivers to achieve an optimal foot position for propulsion.

Overall, the FINIS Foil monofin is an excellent choice for freedivers looking to improve their technique, strength and efficiency in the water. Its innovative design, combined with the durability and comfort of the material, makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to maximise their performance in the water.

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