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With the Mares Razor freediving fins, you'll become a mermaid or a Neptune! 🧜‍♀️🧜 Your wait is over, feel the freedom underwater now!

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The Mares Razor Pro is known for its robustness and performance underwater. The rather hard structure of the fin blade enables powerful fin strokes, which are an advantage for experienced divers with a strong technique. This makes the fin a great choice for freedivers looking for a fin that supports their style and powerful movements.

The Razor Pro fins from Mares are good fins for getting started in freediving.

  • Interchangeable blade for all diving conditions: These fins are versatile and suitable for different underwater environments.
  • Conical high-performance elastomer blade for high manoeuvrability and performance: The special blade material enables optimum manoeuvrability and performance.
  • Razor foot piece for wearing with a 3mm or 5mm neoprene sock: The foot piece is designed so that it can be worn comfortably with a thin neoprene sock.
  • Powerful foot section for perfect power transfer from foot to blade: The fins transfer power efficiently from the foot to the blade.
  • V-tip prevents lateral slippage during the leg stroke: The special tip ensures that the fins do not slip sideways during the swim.

The foot section of the Razor Pro is very well suited to most feet. This feature helps to ensure that the fin offers a comfortable fit while supporting the transfer of power and movement efficiency.

The outstanding feature of the Mares Razor Pro is undoubtedly the removable fin blade. This allows experienced divers to customise the blades according to their individual needs. Whether for specific diving conditions or to accommodate personal preferences, the customisation options of this fin are diverse and offer remarkable flexibility.

Compared to the Mares Razor the fin is quite hard and requires well-developed muscles in the legs and feet to be able to kick it well. The Mares Razor Pro is therefore ideal for freediving beginners with strong leg muscles. For less athletic freedivers, I recommend the softer Mares Razor.

Overall, the Razor Pro Freediving fin from Mares is an excellent choice for ambitious beginner freedivers looking for a fin that offers both performance and adaptability. With its removable blade and a foot piece that fits most feet well, this fin is a solid investment for divers who value precision and stability underwater.

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