Freediving Computer

Freediving Computer: Your wrist companion above and under water.⏰Order now and delivery in the next few days by Swiss Post!

What can a Freediving Computer do?

With a freediving computer on your arm, you know how deep your last dive was and your dive time. The dive computer usually starts measuring the dive time at a depth of around 1 metre and switches to surface mode at a depth of around 0.5 metres. On the surface, it measures the time elapsed since surfacing. The surface time tells you the earliest time you can descend again (you should always observe a minimum surface interval of 2 minutes. Even more for deep dives.).

Most models allow you to set depth alarms, i.e. the watch beeps when a predefined depth has been reached, e.g. to remind you to assume the freefall position. However, when diving in a lake with a 5mm headgear, the beeping of most models is easy to ignore: In this case it is advisable to wear a second computer, programmed for the depth alarms, in the hood. Most computers will also display the water temperature (usually the lowest temperature measured, i.e. the one at depth) and the current time.

Can it replace a logbook?

All models allow you to scroll through past diving sessions and dives. Many dive computers can be connected to your Windows or Apple computer with a special cable (available as an accessory) to read out the dive data. Personally, I keep a paper logbook and have survived generations of dive computers and operating systems (but I'm also a boomer!).


Freediving Computer

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