SEAC Partner freediving watch
  • SEAC Partner freediving watch
  • SEAC Partner freediving watch
  • SEAC Partner freediving watch
  • SEAC Partner freediving watch
  • SEAC Partner freediving watch

SEAC Partner freediving watch

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SEAC Partner freediving watch with Wow Effect! Get your digital, personal assistant for your best time underwater. It has all what you need ⏱️

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The SEAC Partner freediving watch is an affordable freediving computer that has everything you need:

  • Logbook up to 99 dives
  • Stopwatch and countdown
  • Dive time, ascent/descent time, depth, temperature
  • Battery CR2032B
  • Maximum depth up to 100m

There are dive computers, actually smart watches, which cost around CHF 2000. Sure, it's great to get a graphical representation of your pulse after diving or to see where you've set the buoy on a map thanks to GPS. But let's be honest: are these really the functions we need for freediving? The SEAC Partner freediving computer has all the essential functions you need, shows them neatly on the display and that's it. Whether it is the watch for everyday use, for going to work or to a concert, everyone has to decide for themselves. But if you already have a nice watch or intelligent smartwatch for everyday use and are looking for a dive computer for freediving, the SEAC Partner freediving computer is the perfect choice: it's a no-frills freediving dive computer that doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is.

All important values can be seen at a glance on a single screen: Dive time and surface time, time for descent and ascent, depth and temperature.

My tip for pool training: A waterproof stopwatch would be ideal for static training: large display (also easy to read for long-sighted people and older freedivers) and large buttons for start/stop and reset. Unfortunately, all the "waterproof" stopwatches I have tested in the CHF 20 - 100 price range are not waterproof in the long term. Above all, they must not be submerged, because their water resistance is actually only a resistance to splash water. Why not simply buy a SEAC Partner freediving watch instead of a stopwatch? It is significantly cheaper than the really waterproof stopwatches, which are all priced above the CHF 200 mark.

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