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Discover the world of apnea diving with the PADI Freediver courses. Experience total relaxation underwater. Register now and get started with eLearning now!

Learn to freedive and attend a freediving course in Switzerland at the specialized freediving school. The PADI Freediver course is a beginner's course and apart from good health, some fitness and the ability to swim reasonably well, no previous knowledge is necessary.

Learn freediving in a freediving school that focuses exclusively on teaching freedivers and does not mainly train SCUBA divers.

Your freediving adventure starts here: In the PADI Basic Freediver Course, you will learn the theory of freediving and then successfully apply what you have learnt in the pool. If you register today and pay the course fee, I will activate you for the eLearning and you can start diving into an exciting world.

On the course day, you will learn how to lower your heart rate through breathing techniques. Fill your lungs with air like you've never filled them before and consciously hold your breath. Relax, feel how your heartbeat slows down and enjoy the peace and quiet and feel how the relaxation spreads throughout your whole body.

You can also book the PADI Freediver course right away (or you can book after the PADI Basic Freediver Course PADI Freedive Upgrade Course) and spend a day learning the skills to dive safely in open water. After about a year of pool and open water training, you'll be ready to take the next step in developing your skills: Complete the Emergency First Response course and then the PADI Advanced Freediver course to progress to even greater depths.

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Freediving courses

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