Lobster Rubber Plug Black
  • Lobster Rubber Plug Black

Lobster Rubber Plug

1-3 workdays

Lobster Rubber Plug set of 6 plugs for the Lobster Weight and the Lobster Belt Weight. Replacement for lost rubber plugs.


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What are the Lobster Rubber Plugs?

Lobster Rubber Plug Set is a spare part for the Lobster Weight or for the Lobster Belt Weight.

The Lobster Rubber Plugs are made of highly resistant, soft rubber. The Lobster Rubber Plugs secure the weights of the Lobster Weight or the Lobster Belt Weight to each other and to the Lobster Base safely and securely.

Can't you do without it?

Of course, the Lobster segments also hold without the plugs, provided you're not doing somersaults underwater (this is also possible with the Lobster Weight, you just have to clamp it between your shoulders and head and keep your neck short). But a nice lobster also needs all its connections to be secured with rubber plugs: After all, you don't walk around with your shoelaces untied!

Where do all these rubber things disappear to?

If you use your Lobster Weight frequently, you are sure to have lost one or two rubber plugs. No problem, just order a replacement!

The lost Lobster Rubber Plugs are as mysterious as lost socks after washing: You've just reduced some weight in training and these little helpers are already missing! "Didn't the freediving buddy replace his missing plugs with mine?", "Was the rubber thing caught by a wave, ended up in the drain and this eventually flows into the ocean?"

Couldn't the manufacturer simply add a few extra rubber plugs to each Lobster Weight or to each Lobster Belt Weight as well? Yes, and it does, but these spare plugs have also mysteriously disappeared!

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