Lobster Weight Segment 300g Red
  • Lobster Weight Segment 300g Red

Lobster Weight Segment extra weight


Optimise your buoyoncy and maximise performance with the Lobster Weight Segment additional weight. From the official Lobster retailer in Switzerland! šŸ¦ž

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What is the Lobster Weight Segment extra weight?

With the Lobster Weight Segment you can increase the total weight of yourĀ Lobster Weight neck weightĀ or yourĀ Lobster Belt WeightĀ by adding further Lobster Weight Segments.

The larger lobster weight segment weighs 500g, the smaller 300g.

What if I need to pack even more weight?

If your Lobster Weight, even with many segments, is clearly too light for you, for example because you are wearing a thick suit, consider wearing aĀ Lobster Belt WeightĀ in addition. If necessary, you should use a lobster weight base one size larger, i.e. an M instead of an S or an L instead of an M.

Personally, I find it more comfortable to wear a 3mm neoprene jacket and a weight belt with 2kg of weights in the pool. I use the weight belt to compensate for the buoyancy of the jacket, so the weight of the lobster weight required on my neck always remains roughly the same, regardless of whether I'm diving with or without a jacket.

Lobster Weight Segment

Why buy Lobster from freedive-frauenfeld?

The prices on theĀ manufacturer's website are net prices excluding transport costs, customs duties and VAT. If you order your Lobster products from freedive-frauenfeld, you will receive them directly from Switzerland by Swiss Post within a few days. In addition, I offer a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects and not just 1 year as with direct orders from the manufacturer in Moldova. I would also be happy to advise you on your choice of Lobster Weight products or other questions about diving equipment or freediving in general!

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Lobster Weight Segment

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