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Squid Neck Weight
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  • Squid Neck Weight

Squid Pro Neck Weight


Squid Pro neck weight for deeper dives from the manufacturer of the legendary Lobster Weight Buy now quickly and easily in Switzerland!

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What is the Squid Pro neck weight?

Perhaps you are already an enthusiastic user of a lobster weight and appreciate its benefits in the pool? Expand your experience and experience your 'lobster moment' in open water with the Squid Pro neck weight. Specially designed for training and competitions in the lake or sea, this neck weight is perfect for Constant Weight (CWT), Free Immersion (FIM) and Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF). Thanks to its vertical fixation and clever forward weight distribution, the Squid Pro neck weight stabilises your position in the water. It allows you to glide vertically into the depths with minimal resistance - ideal for freefall.

What are the advantages of the Squid Weights?

The Squid Pro neck weight is a versatile weight system that is suitable for different disciplines and diving conditions thanks to a customisable weight variation from 0.8 to 1.3 kg. It comfortably encloses the freediver's neck during open water dives. Unlike conventional neck weights, such as bicycle tubes filled with lead shot, the Squid Weight avoids unpleasant impacts against the chin or back of the head during duck dives, descents or turns. Instead, it offers a comfortable fit and is fixed securely under the lower jaw, ensuring a comfortable and stable hold.

Is the Squid Pro neck weight suitable for me?

The neck lead can be easily adjusted to different neck diameters: In tests with over 200 freedivers, it fitted over 95% of the divers perfectly.

For additional safety, the kit includes a leash with which you can secure the Squid Pro neck weight. The leash is magnetically secured by an ingenious mechanism. In an emergency, the Squid Pro neck weight can be removed with a flick of the wrist, even when it is secured.

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