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Mares Spyder mask

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The Mares Spyder mask for freedivers combines functionality with modern design. šŸ„½ Enjoy the comfort and clear visibility under water!

Mares Spyder mask

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The Mares Spyder freediving mask with the iconic design and the grille above the nose notch.

Comfortable silicone body, low volume and enlarged field of vision with a modern look. With a soft, mesh-like rubber nose bridge and secure grip to position the mask correctly on the face. The Spyder diving mask has a reduced internal volume, which makes it easier to equalise the pressure of the mask when freediving. The Mares Spyder has a soft rubber nose piece, an anatomical face piece and a matt finish. A well-fitting and comfortable mask that is also suitable for people with larger faces.

  • Reduced distance between glass and eyes
  • Minimum internal volume
  • wider field of vision
  • anatomical mask body
  • Very light
  • matt anti-reflective coating
  • hydrodynamic profile for lower water resistance
  • Ergonomic mask strap buckles for effortless operation
  • Innovative silicone in the mask body reduces fogging

How do I prevent the mask from fogging up?

Due to the manufacturing process, there are fine traces of the release agent on the lenses to remove the silicone mask body from the mould. These release agent residues are the reason why new masks tend to fog up: especially in cold water in the lake but also in the warm air of the indoor swimming pool; in other words, always! Although every experienced diver and every diving instructor has their own tricks, mine are particularly effective and guarantee that your mask will (almost) never fog up (except in cold lakes and warm indoor pools ;-) ):

  • Run the new mask through the dishwasher a few times to remove the release agent residue
  • before diving, apply anti-fogging agent to the inside of the dry lenses and rub in
  • when entering the water, swirl the mask briefly in the water without touching the lenses (a film of anti-fog agent should remain on the lenses)
  • If the mask still fogs up, let some water run into the mask, face down so that the water spreads over the lenses, blow out the mask or drain the water
  • If the mask still fogs up: Spit on the inside of the lenses and rub it in
  • If the mask still fogs up: keep calm, don't get stressed, relax and enjoy the dive anyway!

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