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Mares Star Liquidskin mask

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Mares Star Liquidskin mask is the perfect mask for freediving. Thanks to Liquidskin technology extra soft and comfortable. Have you tried them yet?

Mares Star Liquidskin mask

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Features of the Mares Star Liquidskin

The bi-silicone mask body makes the Mares Star Liquidskin incomparably comfortable, age-resistant and lightweight.

  • Bi-silicone mask body and strap, exclusive Mares Liquidskin® patent
  • Minimum internal volume
  • Smaller distance between eye and glass
  • Larger field of vision
  • Flat buckles on the mask body

The most important innovation since the introduction of silicone masks. The exclusive LiquidSkin Bi-Silicone technology (patented) uses two different types of silicone: a firmer part that makes the mask stable and a softer part that rests on the face. It is 45% softer, giving the mask an unrivalled comfortable fit. And 270% more elastic for the perfect fit.

Which freediving mask should I buy?

There is no one freediving mask that fits every face. The best thing to do is to come and see me by appointment in Felben-Wellhausen and try out all the freediving masks. You press the mask onto your face without breathing in. A well-fitting mask should stay on your face for a few seconds. If you have a beard, you will need to shave a strip of about 5mm under your nose.

The volume of air contained in your apnoea mask should be as small as possible. As you descend, the air volume in the mask becomes smaller and must be supplemented with air from your lungs. The more volume your mask has, the more air you will "waste" to equalise the pressure of the mask. For this reason, SCUBA diving goggles are not suitable for freediving.

How do you prevent fogging?

Due to the production process, a silicone release agent forms a film on the mask lenses. This film, which cannot be removed with soap, alcohol or similar, will cause your glass to fog up again and again. To remove this film, it has proven to be a good idea to run a new mask through the dishwasher a few times before using it for the first time. If you then also use an anti-fog spray or gel before the dive, you will (usually) have a clear view.

How do you prevent water in freediving goggles?

Water in the mask is unpleasant, especially in open water when water runs into your nose in the upside-down position. Note the following:

  • the diving goggles must fit your face well
  • No beard, or at least a clean-shaven strip under the nose
  • No hair in the mask

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