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Octopus Fluid Goggles


The Octopus Fluid Goggles are the key to even deeper dives. ­č¬╝­č¬╝ ­č¬╝ Order now and experience the thrill of the deep ┬á

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Why do you wear a mask when freediving?

Our eyes are not designed to see underwater and due to the refractive index we only see blurred and hazy underwater. With a mask (diving goggles), we create an air space between our eyes and the water and can see clearly again.

However, wearing a mask also has a few disadvantages: Among other things, we have to compensate for the dwindling volume of air in the mask with air from our lungs as we descend. If we fail to do this, the mask presses harder and harder against our face, which is not only very uncomfortable (it can also lead to eye injuries: Mask Squeeze on the DAN website), but also makes further pressure equalisation impossible.

This is where the Octopus Fluid Goggles come in: The goggles are filled with water. As liquids cannot be compressed, there is no need to equalise the pressure of the mask. To ensure clear vision under water, a very strong optical lens is built into the Octopus Fluid Goggles, which compensates for the refractive index of the water.

To prevent water from running into the nose and to equalise pressure, wear the Octopus Fluid Goggles together with a noseclip, such as the Octopus Noseclip Aluminium.

Advantages of the Octopus Fluid Goggles

Diving in open water with fluid goggles and a nose clip is a completely new experience. Your hands are free and you can constantly equalise your pressure without having to reach for your mask first. The pressure equalisation of the mask is no longer necessary and you have all the air in the nose area available for pressure equalisation. Especially when diving with Free Immersion (FIM) or Constant No Fin (CNF), you will enjoy the newfound freedom.

Challenges of diving with fluid goggles

However, diving with fluid goggles also has a few disadvantages: Visibility is severely restricted compared to a mask. You can see clearly, but your field of vision is limited and you can practically only see what is directly in front of you. Your sense of distance is also altered and you first have to get used to gripping the rope with your hand. For this reason, you cannot secure your diving partners with the Octopus Fluid Googles: You wear your mask and snorkel as normal and only switch to fluid goggles and noseclip when it's your turn to dive (you hang both around your neck and stow your mask and snorkel in the buoy). After your dive, switch back to your mask and snorkel.

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