Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit
  • Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit
  • Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit
  • Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit
  • Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit

Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit


Experience complete freedom of movement in the Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit. Durable, comfortable and toasty warm at a great price!

[Used suits were worn in my classes for 2-3 weekends. The suits are washed and in good condition.]


Condition: new
Sex: lady
Size: 1 - XS - Extra Small
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Do you love diving deep and exploring the underwater world? Then you need a freediving suit that is comfortable and flexible and keeps you perfectly warm. The Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit is just the thing for you!

The Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit is a two-piece suit with hood and crotch bib made from 5mm thick neoprene. The special feature of this suit is that it is open-cell on the inside. This means that the small air bubbles in the neoprene are cut open and adhere to your skin like suction cups. This means that no cold water gets into the suit and your body remains pleasantly warm even during longer diving sessions in cold temperatures.

The open-cell neoprene is also very soft and stretchy. This is important for freediving because your chest and abdomen change their circumference depending on your breathing and the depth you are at. A normal diving suit made of harder material would constrict you and impair your freediving experience. With the Hydra Black 50, you can move freely and naturally.

The suit also has a robust nylon coating on the outside to protect it from abrasion and tears. It is available in two versions for men and women and you can combine the sizes of the top and bottom individually. The Hydra Black 50 is the ideal suit for all seasons and waters. Whether you are diving in the Swiss lakes in summer or winter, or watching the colourful fish in the Mediterranean, you will always feel comfortable. For tropical waters, I recommend a 3mm freediving suit.

If you would like to try out the Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit, you are welcome to visit me by appointment. I have various sizes ready for you to try on. Just bring your swimming trunks or bikini and a towel. I'll show you how to wet the suit with soapy water to make it easier to put on and take off.

I look forward to your visit and wish you lots of fun freediving with the Hydra Black 50 open-cell wetsuit!

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