Leaderfins Toe Caps
  • Leaderfins Toe Caps
  • Leaderfins Toe Caps
  • Leaderfins Toe Caps

Leaderfins Toe Caps

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Discover the Leaderfins Toe Caps for ultimate comfort and protection of your toes while free diving. Say goodbye to blisters and sore skin on your toes!

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The Leaderfins Toe Caps are an essential accessory for any freediver looking for comfort and protection for their feet. Designed to protect the toes when wearing fins, these toe caps provide an extra layer of comfort and safety.

Made from neoprene, the Leaderfins Toe Caps offer excellent elasticity and fit. They mould seamlessly to the contours of your feet without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement. The material is hardwearing and resistant to the usual wear and tear that can occur when freediving.

Leaderfins Toe Caps prevent chafing and blisters that can often occur when fins are worn for long periods of time. Thanks to their protective layer, Leaderfins Toe Caps minimise friction between the fins and the skin, resulting in a more comfortable and longer diving experience.

Leaderfins toe caps are also easy to care for. They are easy to clean and quick drying, making them ideal for regular use. After use, simply rinse with water and allow to air dry to ensure their longevity.

I have been wearing my Leaderfins toe caps for my weekly monofin training for almost 8 years. They are almost worn through on one side, but they still hold up. When putting on the fins, wet the feet, toe caps and foot parts well and rub in a little shampoo. This will not only protect your feet but also the heel strap of your monofin. If this is torn, your monofin will be unusable and no manufacturer in the world will replace your monofin with a torn heel strap under guarantee!


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