Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Pants Man
  • Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Pants Man
  • Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Pants Man

Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Pants Man

1-3 workdays

The Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Pants Man freediving suit wraps you up in the water like a warm blanket. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

This offer only includes the jacket (top) in the Man version.

[Used suits were worn on 2-3 weekends in my courses. The suits have been washed and are in perfect condition].

Mares Apnea Instinct 50 pants man on the Mares website

Condition: used
Size: 2 - S - Small
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The Mares Apnea Instinct 50 is an open-cell freediving suit consisting of a jacket with bonnet and trousers for ladies.

The new cut offers a comfortable and perfect fit, particularly elastic, high protection against the cold, compression-resistant, 5mm thick, trousers with a high waistband, laminated on the outside and opencell on the inside. Only put on and take off with plenty of soapy water (a PET bottle filled with warm water and approx. 1-2 cm of shampoo) and do not wear jewellery and be careful with fingernails.

"Open Cell" means that the suit is open-cell on the inside: the gas bubbles trapped in the neoprene are cut and act like suction cups on the skin. This means that only minimal cold water gets into the suit. The opencell neoprene is soft and easy to stretch. This is essential when freediving, as our chest and abdomen expand as much as possible when we breathe fully and are compressed at depth. A wetsuit from SCUBA diving is made of a different (more resistant) material, which is not flexible enough for freediving. You only get the real freediving feeling when you wear an open-cell wetsuit specially designed for freediving.

With the Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Pants Man together with the Mares Apnea Instinct 50 Jacket Man you can do static in the pool as well as diving in Swiss lakes all year round in winter. The latter combined with 5mm socks and gloves. With a 5mm freediving suit you are also well equipped for the Mediterranean, for tropical waters I recommend a 3mm freediving suit.

You are welcome to come by and try on the suit in different sizes. Bring your swimming trunks and a towel and you can soap yourself up in the shower and try on different wetsuits. It is also possible to combine trousers and jackets in different sizes. I will also be happy to show you how to put on and take off an open-cell diving suit.

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