Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves
  • Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves

Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves


With the Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves you can enjoy your freediving dives like never before. Protect your fingers from the cold now!

Mares Flex Gold 3mm Gloves

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Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves with gold coating on the inside!

Do you love freediving and want to dive in Swiss lakes all year round? Then you should definitely get yourself some freediving gloves. The Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves are made from 3 mm neoprene. Smooth neoprene lining with special gold coating. Ultrastretch lining with reinforced palms and fingers. Ideal for freedivers looking for a soft and robust glove.

Freediving is best when you have as little equipment with you as possible: Ideally, you'd like to dive into the tropical coral reef with just a mask, snorkel and swimming trunks. But the reality is different for most of us: We live in a freediving paradise in Switzerland, and most of us can reach various waters with the best water quality with a maximum 30-minute drive. However, these waters are usually cold and the summers in Switzerland are short. Even in the summer months, when the surface of our lakes reaches temperatures above 20 degrees, the temperature at depth drops rapidly. Especially for longer and deeper dives, most freedivers will want to dive with gloves all year round

If you also like to do free immersion (FIM) dives or have a buoy yourself and have to pull up the rope, you'll be glad if you protect your hands with gloves: The Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves protect your hands without hindering your pressure equalisation. Thanks to the gold-coloured coating on the inside of the gloves, they are easy to put on and take off.

Pro tip for year-round diving in Swiss lakes: You will need 3 pairs of gloves. The Mares Flex Gold 3mm gloves are perfect for the summer months when the lakes are over 20 degrees. The Mares Flex Gold 5mm gloves are perfect for the cooler months when the water temperature is between 8 and 12 degrees. And if you also want to dive in the depths of winter, you should get thick 3-finger gloves that keep your hands warm for up to 40 minutes, but offer slightly less flexibility and therefore make pressure equalisation more difficult. Have you ever wondered why your dive buddy leaves a trail of bubbles behind them as they descend? With thick gloves, it's not so easy to close your nostrils completely to equalise the pressure.

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