Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks
  • Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks

Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks


Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks, the Rolls-Royce of freediving socks: Coated with gold on the inside for easy donning and doffing. Feel the difference!

Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks or also Mares Flex Gold 30 Ultrastretch

Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks on the manufacturer's website

Size: S - Small (EU39)
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Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks with gold coating on the inside.

The main features of the Flex Gold freediving socks are:

  • Ultrastretch lined neoprene exterior with special gold treatment on the inner neckline.
  • Double-lined sole with reinforced outer side
  • Preformed cut

You should never freedive without socks: Because of the large fin blades of freediving fins, there is a strong force between the foot and the fin. Bare skin can quickly become sore. This becomes a particular problem during longer training sessions in the pool. On holiday in salt water, a small spot on the foot can quickly become a veritable wound and spoil the fun for the rest of the holiday.

The Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks are unique and the best you can find on the market!

The Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks are ideal for the warm season when you want to feel free and light. For winter in the lake, there are also the Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks, which offer you even more warmth and insulation. My recommendation is that you choose the foot section of your fins to match the 3mm socks. This will give you the best power transmission and feel for training in the pool. If you then switch to the 5mm socks for diving in the lake in winter, the foot section of the fin may be too tight for you. This makes it difficult to get into the fin and take it off again after the dive with cold fingers and thick gloves. As an alternative, I therefore recommend that you buy a second pair of fins with the foot section one size larger for lake training in the winter months. In winter, you won't be diving to great depths in the lake, so you can also buy a cheap pair of plastic fins, which you can also find used in my webshop, e.g. these: Mares Razor

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