Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks
  • Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks

Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks


Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks, the star among freediving socks: Coated with gold on the inside for easy donning: Ensure warm feet even in winter and icy water!

Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks / Mares Ultrastretch Flex Gold 50

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Size: S - Small (EU39)
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The Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks are made from 5mm neoprene. The socks have an utrastretch lined neoprene outer side. The inside of the sock is made of open-cell smooth split neoprene and is coated with gold.


  • Ultrastretch neoprene, 5 mm
  • Laminated on the outside, open-cell coated on the inside
  • Reinforced sole laminated on both sides

The Mares Flex Gold 5mm sock is the best sock for the winter: The coating on the inside makes the sock easy to put on and take off and the sock does not stick to the foot.

It is better to choose neoprene socks that are tight rather than too big to avoid painful creases in the foot section. If your fin fits well with a 1.5 or 3mm sock, you will hardly be able to put the fin on with this sock. If you squeeze your foot in somehow, it will start to hurt or will no longer be well supplied with blood. My tip: buy a performance fin for the summer and for the pool and keep your plastic fin with a larger foot section for the winter in the lake.

My tip: Put your neoprene trousers on first and then the neoprene socks. Then fold over the edge of the booties by about 3cm and pull the trousers over them. The thick edge of the booties seals against the trousers and if water should run into your trousers, it will not flow into the neoprene socks.

Don't walk from the car to the entry point with your fins on: firstly, you will wear out the booties excessively and secondly, you will quickly get cold feet in winter because the neoprene socks will be compressed by your body weight and won't insulate as well. Buy Croqs 1-2 sizes too big and you will no longer have cold feet!

The Mares Flex Gold 3mm socks are ideal for the warm season when you want to feel free and light. For winter in the lake, however, you need the Mares Flex Gold 5mm socks, which offer you even more warmth and insulation. My recommendation is that you choose the foot section of your fins to match the 3mm socks. This will give you the best power transmission and feel for training in the pool. If you then switch to the 5mm socks for diving in the lake in winter, the foot section of the fin may be too tight for you. This makes it difficult to get into the fin and take it off again after the dive with cold fingers and thick gloves. As an alternative, I therefore recommend that you buy a second pair of fins with the foot section one size larger for lake training in the winter months. In winter, you won't be diving to great depths in the lake, so you can also buy a cheap pair of plastic fins, which you can also find used in my webshop, e.g. these: Mares Razor

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