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Noseclips in the pool

Noseclips in combination with swimming goggles are the ideal combination for pool training, whether static or dynamic. The skin of the cheeks is wet and this triggers the Mammalian Diving Response (MDR). In dynamic, swimming goggles and nose clips are more hydrodynamic than diving goggles and you can equalise pressure without disturbing your hydrodynamics.

Noses are as different as we humans are, which is why there is no single noseclip that fits all freedivers. Some models slip off again and again, while others cause pain after a short time. If you have more than one model in your diving bag, you can hang two noseclips around your neck and change them during training.

If you are short-sighted but still want to be able to see in the pool, I recommend swimming goggles with corrective lenses. You can order these online in 0.25 dioptre increments, separately for left and right, e.g. from Fielmann . Swimming goggles combined with a noseclip are indispensable companions for my indoor pool training!


Noseclip in open water

In open water, noseclips in combination with fluid goggles allow hands-free pressure equalisation during free immersion (FIM) or constant no fins (CNF). The Noseclip allows you to equalise the pressure of the middle ear hands-free.

Especially in our colder waters, pressure equalisation is a challenge for many freedivers. If you are diving in the lake with a nose clip, you need to be sure that no air bubbles escape from your nostrils during pressure equalisation. If this is the case, you will not be able to build up the necessary pressure to open the Eustaschian tube. For this reason, your nose clip must sit really firmly on your nose and pinch the nostrils shut. Yes, it hurts, but if you wait a few seconds, the pain disappears and you can press the nose clip closed with one more click. Now wait again until the pain subsides and give it another click! Now your nose clip is really tight and the pressure equalisation works like clockwork!


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