Octopus Noseclip Carbon
  • Octopus Noseclip Carbon

Octopus Noseclip Carbon

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Get style on your nose - The Octopus Noseclip Carbon is not only functionally top, but also an eye-catcher in the pool, lake and sea!

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The Octopus Noseclip Carbon has a slightly smaller contact surface than the Octopus Noseclip Classic and is comfortable to wear for smaller noses.

Thanks to carbon, the Octopus Noseclip Carbon is not only very light, but also elegant and pleasant to touch.

With the Octopus Noseclip Carbon and swimming goggles, you will have less water resistance in the pool. As your face (especially the area of the cheeks between the eyes and mouth) is exposed to the water, you will feel the diving reflex (Mammalian Diving Response - MDR) faster and more strongly than with diving goggles. Also, if you feel pressure in your ears, you don't have to feel your hand to your face when diving in the water, but can easily equalise the pressure.

Especially for short-sighted freedivers, diving in the pool with swimming goggles and a nose clip offers a great advantage: swimming goggles with optical corrections are available to buy online from various suppliers. You can finally see clearly in the pool and can also see the second hand of the sports clock on the wall! We start at "00" and then every 1 minute 30 seconds!

You can also use the Octopus carbon nose clip when deep diving in the lake or sea: You can either wear the nose clip without goggles or combine it with the Octopus Fluid Goggles. This means you are optimally equipped for diving to greater depths, as the pressure equalisation of the mask is no longer necessary. If you dive with the Monofin or Constant No Fins (CNF) in open water, you will not be happy diving with a mask and snorkel in the long term.

There is no one ideal noseclip: Because our noses are all different, noseclips are a dime a dozen. Try out models from different manufacturers and after a while you will find the noseclip that suits your nose. A noseclip should hold securely, not slip off, hold the nose securely even when the pressure is equalised (especially important in open water, pressure equalisation is usually easy to manage in the indoor pool) and most importantly: hurt as little as possible! Unfortunately, you can't do it without pain in the long term, so my tip is to hang two different noseclips on your neck for a longer indoor pool session and change them in between.

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