Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise
  • Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise

Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise

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Not just a lead weight belt, but a style statement: The Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise – perfection and elegance for freedivers.

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Rubber belt with chrome-nickel steel strap fastener, 3mm thick and 140cm long, ideal for freediving.

The Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise is not just a diving belt; it is a tribute to the golden age of freediving, reinterpreted with the latest technology and materials. This high-quality belt combines the classic, timeless design of the Marseille buckle with the flexibility and durability of an elasticated belt to offer freedivers not only safety and comfort, but also a touch of elegance underwater.

With its elegant Marseille buckle, which is made of stainless steel, the harness offers a secure and reliable fastening that stays firmly in place even in the most demanding conditions. The unique design of the buckle allows the harness to be adjusted quickly and easily so that it fits perfectly without slipping or leaving pressure marks. This is not only crucial for safety, but also for comfort during long dives.

The elasticated belt itself is made from a durable but flexible material that adapts to the diver's body and breathes with them. This flexibility ensures that the belt resonates with every breath and movement, allowing divers to maximise their lung capacity and dive deeper and longer. Despite its elasticity, the belt retains its shape and strength, which guarantees a long service life.

The Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise makes a clear visual statement with its retro design. The combination of the shine of the stainless steel and the simple elegance of the belt makes it a real eye-catcher. This belt is more than just a diving accessory; it is an expression of personality and style that emphasises your passion for freediving.

For freedivers who value quality, functionality and aesthetics, the Mares Belt Elastic Marseillaise is the ideal choice. It combines the tradition of freediving with the requirements of modern divers by offering safety, comfort and style in one product. With this belt, divers can not only improve their performance, but also express their love of the sea and diving in style.

Although technically speaking, a plastic or metal quick release buckle would actually be the better choice, most freedivers prefer the Marseille buckle (also known as the Marseillaise by some manufacturers) on their weight belt. The reason is simple: the retro wave has also hit freediving and these Marseillaise buckles look so romantic and are reminiscent of Enzo Maiorca, Jacques Mayol etc.!

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