Sealed lead weights
  • Sealed lead weights
  • Sealed lead weights

Sealed lead weights

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Glide through the water like a dolphin 🐬 with the hermetically sealed lead weights for freedivers. Get your lead in 2 colours now! 🏆

Weight: 1Kg
Color: Black
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What makes the sealed lead weight so special?

In contrast to other lead pieces, the sealed lead weights offered here are completely encased in plastic (vinyl) using an immersion process: Even with prolonged use, no lead abrasion escapes and humans and the environment do not come into contact with the toxic lead. BAG about the toxicity of lead

How much lead does a freediver need?

Most divers need between 2 and 4kg in the pool in swimwear (without suit) (the higher the fat content, the more weight is required) and between 3 and 5kg in the lake with a 5mm open-cell suit. In the sea, the rule of thumb is 1kg weight per millimetre of suit thickness. This means approx. 3kg weight with a 3mm wetsuit or 5kg with a 5mm open-cell wetsuit.

I recommend that you order the desired amount of lead in 1kg lead pieces and order a 500g lead piece encased with it. You can easily change your weight in small increments with the 500g coated lead piece.

2kg lead pieces, as used by SCUBA divers, are not suitable for freediving. On the flexible freediving weight belts, these heavy chunks tip off and unnecessarily increase water resistance.

What is the best weight for freediving?

I did a test of different lead pieces, see this post on Facebook: test report lead for freedivers

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